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A brand of today focused on tomorrow.


MCH develops quality machines to support you in carrying out your daily work & tasks. We have always been making products that are user-centric to provide more than just a utility.

The user experience is the central point of all of our teams’ thoughts. Whether you are an informed professional or an individual looking for comfort, MCH makes the reliability of its machines an essential point. Our objectives take into account the major challenges of the future, which is why Research and Development is an important dimension within our group.

Our engineers are designing the machines that will accompany you tomorrow.

Focus your energy on the tasks that really matter.


Improve your daily life, preserve your health; all our products are developed to assist you whatever your objectives or your sector of activity are: construction, agriculture, green spaces, logistics … Transporting loads has never been so easy. 

We opt for a global conceptual approach by seeking to make your effort easier through new technologies, accessories or new features, but also by ensuring that our machines are functional in all situations.

Let’s create the world of tomorrow together.


Ecology is one of the major challenges in today’s world. As a manufacturer of everyday machines, we take these ecological issues to the heart. We are doing everything we can to develop machines that produce fewer polluting emissions, consume less energy and operate independently while limiting noise pollution in our environment.

Electric mobility as well as connected and autonomous vehicles are our central points of innovation and research.

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